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    JUH Corporation provides customer experience supports Business to customer and Business to Business. These offerings include customer care, sales support, inbound sales, complex order processing, accounts receivable management, technical and product support, up-selling and cross-selling, and other industry-specific processes, Remittance, Marketing, Business support analysis.

    Our ability to provide these services is enabled by leveraging technology, agent-performance tools, analytic, self-service applications, and various other tools that enable and empower our workforce.

    24/7 Support Frontline Workforce – Business Process Outsourcing

    Chat, Email, Voice, Customer Care, Sales Support, Technical Support

    Business Consultancy Management

    • Technical and Product Support
    • Business Management Solutions
    • Business Reporting and Analysis
    • Business Structuring and Analysis Solutions
    • International Market and Trading Solutions
    • Up-sell and Cross-sell Programs
    • Online Financial Solutions
    • Promotions/Productions/Advertising
    • Market Study  and Analysis Solutions

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