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    We now offer the Call All service bundled with a new Business Line or to your existing Business Line! It combines a PLDT Wired postpaid business landline and a PLDT landline Plus SIM 2nd line, all for only P1,450/month!

    If you have an existing PLDT Wired postpaid landline, add only P250/month to get the Call All Service. You can now bring your wireless landline anywhere in the country and call any landline within your home zone for FREE! Just like a walkie-talkie!

    What is the PLDT Call All Service Bundle?

    The PLDT Call All Service Bundle combines a PLDT Wired postpaid landline and a PLDT landline Plus SIM 2nd line, all for only P1,450/month.

    Once enrolled in the PLDT Call All Service, the subscriber enjoys a discounted, bundled monthly service fee of P 1,450 rather than paying for the individual services.

    What are the advantages of having PLDT Call All?

    It is the first and only wireless landline SIM that allows free local calls to your home zone when calling from anywhere in the country.(Home Zone refers to Metro Manila or the province where the PLDT wired landline is installed.)

    For example, if user is subscribed to a PLDT Call All Bundle in Manila, user can bring his PLDT Call All Wireless Landline SIM to other provinces, like Cebu or Davao.  When he calls any PLDT Landline in Metro Manila via his PLDT Call All SIM, the call is LOCAL OR FREE!

    Also, while in the user's home zone, the Call All SIM allows the user to make long distance or NDD calls to any PLDT landline nationwide for only P1/min.

    The SIM can be used in any open-line handset/mobile phone or PLDT Landline Plus unit.

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