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      This body scrub makes the skin smooth and glowing, made with sea salt granules and..
      This product contains Tea Tree and mandarin extract an anti-bacterial agent which help..
      Contains AHA (ALPHA HYDROXY ACID) and liquorice to whiten skin. It is a leave on cream..
      Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide with gamma pedtide linkage between the amine group o..
      A combination of cojic, papain and carrot extract that helps invigorate and whitens th..
      It is made of milk and oatmeal granules which help moisturize the skin. It also has sm..
      It is made with honey, convenient and time saving. Apply directly to skin, no heat nee..
      Grape Seed Whitening Facial Wash contains fruit extract and milk to wash out dirt and ..
    Ultra Under Arm & Bikini Whitening Serum Has Alpha Arbutin & Licorise  for skin..
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