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    We are looking for proactive individuals and companies that offer MOBILE LOAD privileges to their staff via their own system of "LOAD PABALE schemes” or make use of this offer to its fullest advantage in cutting down costs on your company's monthly cellphone bills.


    • Can save on your own company Mobile Bills
    • Your reward system to employees became cheaper due to the savings and discounts.
    • Control on the system as this done via the web (secured user name and password)no need for Retailer sims and mobile phones! You can generate report at an instant all for your convenience!


    • This is not a networking offer.
    • No need for buying retailer SIM or any selling kit.
    • System is absolutely free.
    • You can load or extend this business even when abroad.
    • Offer an impressive commission percentage for all TELCO's.

    *Earnings and commission percentages depends on the discount provided by Globe, Smart or Sun.

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