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    Package No. 1 – Fiesta Gift Basket

    Del monte pineapple juice                                         1.36L
    Del monte fruit cocktail                                                850 grams
    Del monte cream style corn                                       425 grams
    Del monte chunks pineapple                                     822 grams
    Del monte spaghetti                                                    1 kl.
    Del monte Italian spaghetti sauce                            1 kl.

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                             Php 700.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                    Php 670.00

    Package No. 2 – Mom's Gift Basket

    Danish butter cookies                                                400 grams
    Del monte Four Season                                            1036L
    Sneakers chocolate                                                    12 pcs
    Lemon Square mamon-twin size
    Ligo potato chips sour cream                                   160 grams
    Ovaltine 3 N1 jar                                                           400 grams

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                            Php 1,000.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                   Php 970.00

    Package No. 3 – Baby Gift Basket

    Johnson & Johnson reg. Baby powder                    300 grams
    Johnson & Johnson shampoo gold                         500 ml.
    Johnson & Johnson milk soap                                 150 grms
    Johnson & Johnson lotion                                          500 ml.
    Johnson & Johnson fresh cleansing wipes
    Johnson & Johnson top to toes wash                      500 ml.
    Lactacyd toddler

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                              Php 1,350.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                     Php 1,320.00

    Package No. 4 – Bath Gift Basket 

    Dove soap scented (3 packs)                                     100grams                  
    Pantene shampoo color & perm                               
    170 ml                            
    Pantene hair conditioner                                             
    180 ml                 
    Green cross alcohol                                                     
    500 ml.                
    GC loofa with wooden handle                                    
    1 pc.       
    Johnson baby lotion
                                                          500 ml. 
    Ph care feminine wash
                                                     250 ml

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                               Php 1,230.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                      Php 1,200.00

    Package No. 5 – Breakfast Gift Basket 

    Cowhead pure milk                                                      1 liter
    Eden filled cheese                                                        175 grams
    Clara Ole Strawberry jam                                             320 grams
    Lily coco jam spread                                                     240 grams
    Nestle Milo cereal balls                                                25 grams
    Quaker instant Oat meal                                              500 grams
    Orig. Maya hotcake mix                                                 500 grams
    American pancake syrup                                              354 grams

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                               Php 920.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                      Php 890.00

    Package No. 6 – Mom's Gift Basket

    Jolly Canola cooking oil                                                500ml
    LKK Panda oyster sauce                                              902
    Mama sitas Oyster sauce                                             405 grams
    Calamansi Knorr liquid seasoning                            250 ml
    Purefoods corned beef                                                 380 grams
    Campbell chicken soup                                               305 grams
    Century tuna flakes                                                       420 grams
    White King All purpose flour                                        1 kl.
    Nusica chocolate spread                                             400 grams

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                               Php 1,100.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                      Php 1,070.00

    Package No. 7 – Breakfast Gift Basket

    Nescafe classic jar                                                        210 grams
    Nido fortified                                                                    700 grams
    Coffee mate orig                                                            700 grams
    Swissmiss marsmallow                                              10 pcs.
    Kellogs corn flakes cereal                                           150 grams
    Monde Nissin mamon box                                          12 pcs.

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                              Php 1,300.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                     Php 1,270.00

    Package No. 8 – Cleaning Gift Basket

    Mr. Muscle toilet cleaner                                               500 grams
    Mr. Muscle floor cleaner                                               500 ml.
    Domex liquid classic cleaner blue                            500 ml.
    Tide powder original scent                                         3 kls
    Downy Fresh scent garden bloom                            900 ml.
    Lysol disinfectant spray                                               170 grams                      
    Glade air freshener spray                                            320 ml.

    Final: SRP (Retail Price)                                              Php 1,700.00
    Final: SRP (Wholesale Price)                                     Php 1,670.00

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