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  • Cocobody Massage Oils "Chamoline Scented"
    Product Code: CMCS
    Price: P230.00

    How it works:

    • VCO as the best tropical massage carrier oil

    • Extracted from freshly harvested coconuts

    • Absorbs very well into the skin

    • Centrifuge – extracted; No heat added

    • Does not stain Sheets!

    Coconut Oil has been used for centuries by the

    people of the Pacific Islands to ensure healthy,

    glowing skin and as carrier oil for aromatherapy

    and Indian Ayuverdic medicine. Cocobody has

    bottled 100% extra virgin coconut oil

    and all its natural nutrients to pamper your skin

    and bring it

    To its softest and smoothest. Massage it into

    your skin and breath infused scent.


    *Additional delivery charges may apply

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